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Ayurveda... Uncover genuine wellness and ultimate rejuvenation.


Ayurveda is a sanskrit word derived from two roots: "ayus" which means life or life cycle, and "vid," meaning knowledge

So, Ayurveda is the knowledge of daily living and the lifecycle- a system of achieving and maintaining health. This teaches that health is maintained by balance of three subtle energies, or forces, known as Vata, Pita and Kapha. The purpose is to bring these forces into harmony so that they promote physical, emotional and spiritual growth.
All Ayurvedic treatments are designed to return these energies to a harmonious balance from their imbalance manifestation, thus it focuses on causes rather than symptoms. As each individual has their own particular balance or blend of three energies, Ayurvedic treatments are individual specific. Ayurvedic consultation will include a determination of your Dosha.
An herbal-infused warm oil is dripped onto the forehead and scalp in a slow, steady stream. This method helps to release mental blockage, thus allowing you to enter into a deep meditative state. The oil used is customized according to each client's Dosha (constitution).


Another healing method where your therapist uses long, continuous, full-body strokes using a copious amount of warm herbal-infused oil. This relaxing one hour session is intended to decrease one's "Vata" (grounding of the spirit).

We also offer facials specific to your Ayurvedic constitution. You will benefit the most from the proper therapy.
The Three Doshas:  
KAPHA: Clarifying/Brightening PITTA: Exfoliation
VATA: Anti-oxidant TRIDOSHA – classic balancing


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